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That warm, fuzzy feeling

Today, we're feeling all warm inside and it's not only because it's comfy inside our show home despite arctic temperatures outside.

Today, we have all the feels because another family is moving into their new home. It seems like only a few weeks ago we were setting their new home on its foundation. Oh wait--it was only a few weeks ago. You can watch the video of the house set on the Big Prairie Homes Facebook page by clicking here.

Yes, moving day is a happy day.

One of the best feelings for us here at Big Prairie Homes is helping a family realize a dream of getting a new home. Often the new home means a better space for their family. It means more energy efficient windows, insulation values and heating/air conditioning systems. It means a better layout and flow for living spaces. Plus, with our many options for finishes like flooring, tile, cabinetry and surfaces, it means a beautiful finished product.

Happy moving day! We look forward to the opportunity to hand over the keys to your new home very soon.

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